WCS "Mother's Care"

"We have gathered to do good!"

Photo of the morainte of WCS "Mother's Care"

In 2019 Women Charity Organization “Maychina Grizha”, one of the oldest in the country, celebrated 150 years since its foundation. The main duties of the organization are related to educational causes, support the necessity of informal education which motivates towards self-education through lecture enlightenment, library deeds and amateur art activities.

The organization ceased its work in 1950, but on 17th October 1992, an enterprising committee, supported by ex-members of the organization, restored its activity.

The main deeds of the organization are:
1. Help to socially disadvantaged people and assistance to public organizations with the same goals.
2. Help to talented children who have participated in national or international competitions and provision of grants.
3. To strengthen the organization’s position of being an inviting center for culture and intellectual interests in the region.

The organization is a founder of charity funds which aim to help the youth and to support the recruitment of children of the town.

Women Charity Organization “Maychina Grizha” is an active member of all charity campaigns set up by Gabrovo Municipality. It works on a lot of projects on its own or in partnership with other NGOs. For many years, initially together with the town of Thun, Switzerland, and then on its own, the organization insures free lunch to socially disadvantaged students, grades I to IV at the schools of Gabrovo.

One of the last initiatives of the ladies is the creation of sculpture of the first Bulgarian composer of fanfare music, Alexander Kerkov, ‘The eternal musician and charming wise-cracker’ www.kerkov.mgrija-gabrovo.org.

The ladies from the Women's Charitable Society "Mother's Care" at the opening of the sculptural figure of Alexander Kerkov in Gabrovo.

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