Gen. Nikola Ryaskov

Founder of the Bulgarian Artillery

Portrait of gen. Nikola Ryaskov

He was born on 6th December 1856 in Gabrovo. Gen. Nikola Ryazkov is a Bulgarian military figure. He graduated the first batch of graduates of the High School of Gabrovo in 1875.

Nikola Ryazkov participated in the April Uprising of 1876 as a revolutionary of Bacho Kiro’s detachment. He took part in the Bulgarian Volunteer Corps in the second company of the tenth militia brigade as a private ranker.

After the Liberation he graduated with the first batch of graduates of the Military School of Sofia in 1879.

Nikola Ryazkov participated in the Serbian-Bulgarian war in 1885. The battle of Bara Chiflik on 14th November 1885 is qualified as a contribution to artillery military art.

On 5th March 1886 considering the Royal order of the Bulgarian army №33 from 9th November 1885, Captain Ryazkov was decorated with Princely Order of Saint Alexander V stage with swords.

In 1905 he was promoted to the rank of Major general.

An artillery course was established by his order so that the soldiers to get used to the new quick-firing weapons. A considerable part of Bulgarian Artillery’s successes – the Balkans’ and the WWI’s – 1912-1918 – we own exactly to General Nikola Ryazkov.

At his desire his descendants open a fund “Maria, Marko and Nikola Ryazkovi” to the total value of 10 000 leva. Children of disadvantaged families in Gabrovo are supported with the interest.

His path of life ends on 2nd August 1917 in Sofia.

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