Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi

Тhe donor for a technical school

Portrait of Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi

Nikola Vasiliadi (Nikola Vassilev Georgiev) was born on December 6., 1822 in Bucharest. He is a Bulgarian doctor, public figure and a great donor. In 1844, Nikola completed his secondary education at a Greek school in Bucharest. He continued his medical studies in Athens, Paris and Berlin. In 1850 he graduated from the Medical Faculty at the University of Berlin and began working as a doctor in Bucharest.

He is one of the founders of the Bulgarian socio-political organization Dobrodetelna druzhina (Virtuous fellowship) together with the brothers Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi from Karlovo. After the Liberation he returned to Bulgaria, but fell ill and returned to Bucharest, where he died on January 25., 1882.

He bequeathed all his property to public affairs. He left the main part of it (two hotels in Bucharest) to Gabrovo, and in his will of June 10., 1881 he ordered its universal legators to be Evlogi Georgiev and Georgi Atanasovich.

In 1885, the "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi" Fund was established from the property donated to the Polytechnic School in Gabrovo. The initial capital of the "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi" Fund amounted BGN 250,000 and gradually over the years begins to increase through the rents received from the available properties in Sofia, bank and securities.

It was not until 1895 that the first real step was taken towards fulfilling the will of Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi. Initially, the new school was a leather school, but after a number of changes, in 1905, the school was reopened under the name "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi" Technical High School.

Over time, changes were made in its curricula, but to this day the school bears the name of its benefactor. Since 2003 it has been called "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi" Professional Technical High School.

Professional Technical High School "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi" - Gabrovo. Photo: © WCS "Mother's Care"

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